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About the album...

"Enquanto a terra girar" is a message, a path of experimentation; for the attentive listener, a journey into himself. The first album by the Brazilian artist Matheus Fonseca brings an introspective and questioning approach, a channel to connect the deepest lyrical self with the world around him. All compositions were written during the pandemic and came to life through it.


The album was recorded in Geneva, Switzerland, and the production is the result of a collaborative project between more than 20 musicians of various nationalities. Bringing together French and Bolivians, Chileans and Portuguese, Swiss, Brazilians, Peruvians and English, the album has the face of the world. The compositions and arrangements reflect this international atmosphere. Lyrics in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French guide our ears through this universe of new discoveries. A one-way trip.


The mix of musical styles makes the album a free form of expression, with no strings attached. Bolero, Funk music and Bossa Nova, telling a single story, with infinite interpretations. The album also brings an instrumental bonus track and a poem that synthesizes the space-time in which this work is born - made with care, richness of details, and love for music.

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